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Colombian Caribbean

7 Day Road Trip in the Caribbean!

The Colombian Caribbean Coast is located north of the Andes Mountains and ends in the Santa Marta Sierra Nevada to give way to the Guajira peninsula. The region is dominated by the Magdalena River delta and has a very rugged coastline from the Gulf of Urabá from southwest to northeast where you find the Gulf of Coquibacoa. However, in the Santa Marta Sierra Nevada we find the highest points in Colombia. (Columbus and Bolivar Peaks). Although the Caribbean Region is predominantly flat, it is characterized by its ecological variety, whose ecosystems range from the dry Guajira desert to the rainforests region of the Gulf of Urabá.

Policies and rules of travellers


Located in the department of Magdalena, 2 hours from the city of Barranquilla, Mendihuaca is a beach break characterized by its right and left breakers and its intimidating size of more than 2 meters plus, you can surf in any tide, low or high, it is a wave for advanced when the conditions of swell are great. It regularly breaks all year round, the water temperature is between 23 ° C and 33 ° C, as it is located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta. The best time to go is from early November to early April (trade wind season), and from late April to mid-September (Caribbean hurricane season), with swell conditions coming from the NW.

Punta Roca

Located in the municipality of Salgar, 10 minutes away from the city of Barranquilla, this beach offers swells of great size and shape, right and left, in its best days it reaches up to 2 meters (plus), it’s a very strong breakwater, formed by stone plates in its bottom (point break), sand in some points and a great amplitude in meters of extension along the coast, surfable with low tides and high tides.

To surf here you need to be in good physical shape, some currents depending on the swell can ruin your day. There is no beach, the entrance to the wave is a small channel on stones and fragments of sea shells, which makes the experience more intense so it is not recommended for beginners. The water temperature is from 29º c to 33º degreesCelsius, you can surf all year round under these conditions.

The best times are from the beginning of November to the beginning of April (trade wind season), and from the end of April to the middle of September (hurricane season in the Caribbean), with swell conditions coming from N, NW, and E, SE, S winds.

Day 1 – Barranquilla

We will begin with a welcome at the ERNESTO CORTISSOZ INTERNATIONAL airport in the city of Barranquilla. We will go to the HOTEL  in PUERTO COLOMBIA where we will welcome you with a typical Colombian coastal cuisine and a welcome cocktail.

Day 2 – Barranquilla

  • 7:30hs – Breakfast, because the best time to surf is very early.
  • 8:30hs – We will visit Punta Roca Barranquilla (ATLANTIC), and other spots in the region.
  • 12:00hs – Lunch in the restaurant of the HOTEL, where you will enjoy a select group of typical and international dishes.
  • 13:30hs – We will visit different points of the city of Barranquilla, its shopping centers, and outstanding tourist sites. We will have the opportunity to experience the typical gastronomy of the region.
  • 18:00hs – The most outstanding cuisine of seafood, accompanied by the charming natural landscape. They’ll be our dinner tonight.
  • 23:30hs – End of our day at the Hotel.

Day 3 – Magdalena

  • 8:00hs – Breakfast at Hotel.
  • 9:00hs – Let’s go to our next destination.
  • 09:30hs – We leave for the department of MAGDALENA, specifically for the sector of the NATIONAL AND NATURAL TAYRONA PARK. This trip will take 2hours and 30 minutes. We will stay at the Hotel Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort, our reservations are in cabins with capacity for 4 people (shared) or we also offer the service of hammocks. Under tiki huts that arewoven with coconut palm leaves which is something typical of this region of the country.
  • 12:30hs – From this time onwards, lunch will be served until 2:00 pm. On this day they have a free surfing option and knowledge of the sector.
  • 19:30 Lunch at the hotel until 9:00 p.m.

Day 4 – Magdalena

  • 7:00hs – We will surf the peak of the Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort Hotel.
  • 7:30hs – Breakfast.
  • 10:30hs – We will visit LOS NARANJOS, a wave of strength and respect.
  • 12:30hs – Lunch at Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort Hotel until 14:30hs.
  • 15:30hs – Our destination is the SECRETS, spots of the region.
  • 19:30hs – Dinner until 21hs. Free night on the beach and open bar.

Day 5 – Magdalena

  • 7:30hs – Breakfast until 9:30hs.
  • 10:30hs – We will visit the spots that the client chooses, or new suggestions of the tour.
  • 12:30hs – Lunch at the restaurant of the Hotel Mendihuaca Caribbean Resort. Afternoon surfing at the hotel beach, rest and free activities.
  • 19:30hs – Lunch until 21hs.

Day 6 – Magdalena

  • 7:30hs – Breakfast until 9:30hs. During this time you will have the opportunity to rest, surf or explore.
  • 15:30hs – Afternoon surfing and free activities.
  • 19:30hs – Dinner until 21hs.

Day 7 – Magdalena

  • 07:30hs – After breakfast, we leave for the ERNESTO CORTISSOZ INTERNATIONAL airport in the city of BARRANQUILLA. End of the trip.


  • Transfers Airport Hotel – Hotel Airport
  • Land transfer between the cities of Barranquilla and Santa Marta.
  • Welcome Cocktail at the Hotel
  • Multiple accommodation (4 p) in cabins.
  • Full board during the Trip (3 meals).
  • Transfer to the different trip spots.
  • All program activities.
  • Col Assistance travel insurance.

Not included

  • National and International Air Tickets.
  • Tourist Taxes not indicated in the program.
  • Taxes for the transfer of surfboards.
  • Entrance fees to National Parks and Ecological Reserves.
  • Meals and alcoholic beverages, not indicated in the program.
  • Tips.
  • Costs and expenses not specified in the program.
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