Local and foreigners

I would like to start by playing a very important topic where I think all surfers identify ourselves, and few pay attention to this, the respect of beaches that are not local. This is a delicate subject since every region of surfers in the world is identified by their locality and respect for their practice points. I remember once I was doing a trip to Costa Rica, it was my first time visiting foreign beaches and I had no idea what this recognizable surfer ritual meant around the world, respecting the waves. I think it was a lesson learned, I remember I was at the beach of Manuel Antonio Park in Quepos, there were incredible waves and I walked without a table, as I was visiting in the country, recording cultural events and presentations of the Colombian Caribbean coast For those times I took a tour across the country, I was fortunate to rent a board on the beach, and enter the challenge of competing for the local waves.

Costa Rica stands out for its perfect and fast waves, with little experience in this type of waves I venture to surf, but already in the water I found a tense situation, I realized a plot to take out some foreign surfers who did not respect the waves of the crazy Les, being oblivious to the situation, I located outside a circle that began to originate in the water, it turns out that the local surfers surrounded 6 or 7 foreigners, I thought everything would not go from a great quarrel of words and warnings, to my astonishment happened what I never Imagine.

The locals threw themselves against the foreigners, in the water had never witnessed such a situation, were frequent blows of more than 15 people on 7, at this disadvantage, broke leashes, tables and faces, the dispute not hard more than 30 sec, for my luck I got Understand the respect of what happens in the local surfers, these foreigners were expelled from the beach and the sector, with time limit of 2 hours and no chance to surf more, were forced to leave the hotel and leave Quepos.

It was a strange experience, I had never seen how dangerous it can be to irrespetar the beaches of others, trying to identify the cause of this problem investigate, one of the locals explained to me that this situation was throughout the day, without any respect had taken Or disrespect beach account the priority of being local, and advised me to respect the practice points to avoid such unpleasant drawbacks.

Surfing is a unique sport, where respect forms key piece to enjoy in brotherhood, harmony, having the opportunity to return and share waves on other beaches.

My message is to respect the waves, beaches, and cultures, remember that there are always waves for everyone. Aloha.