Paddle properly

Everyone thinks that the only factor that allows you to surf big waves is the decision and not to be afraid. Well, let’s say that these are important factors when you dare to surf a wave but there is something more that the people ignore … THE PADDLING.

The paddling is one of the best indicators when you’re learning to surf because you have to take it into account so that your performance is good and you can compete with others at the time of the drop. Many people see this as a pointless thing, but everything has its science, and it’s that paddling properly you can have an advantage against others because the impulse of a good stroke is everything. When I was very young, I started watching the surf videos of prestigious brands, it was the time of the 90s. I did not understand the way they swam with such speed and force, until in a video I realized the position in which they placed their arm when they paddled. Turns out when paddling with your arm under your board and fingers together I discovered the technique of the PROS. I then tried this in the water and to my surprise my style and paddling changed.

The entrance to the break was faster, my turn swimming for the position of the drop was automatic, controlled, and to talk of the competition to catch a wave, while my local friends paddled with their arms wide open, I rowed with my arm under the board with my fingers together, in time when someone wanted to have speed and fluidity swimming. It then reflected in more waves to surf and more fun.

The evolution of surfing and its techniques surprise me every day, there are special programs where you develop incredible skills based on body postures on the board, paddle, and maneuvering position.

Some tips that can help you, put them into practice and then share with us.


This has a significant impact on the speed and efficiency with which you paddle, something that has been proven in swimming and that also applies to surfing. The problem is that the movement of the head also moves to other parts of the body and you end up generating a greater friction with the water that makes you go slower. That’s why it’s important to keep your head stable to improve your paddling.


In this way you reduce the resistance with the water and increase the propulsion that you generate in each stroke. That’s because of the way your hand enters the water. You keep your elbow high when your hand is about to enter the water and then get more resistance with the water when you have it inside. In this way the arm and hand act together to get more power.


When you paddle with a slight swing of your body, as you do in swimming, you get your arm forward. With this slight rocking you avoid dragging your arm through the water and you will get more strength when paddling. In addition, you direct the stroke with the elbow and not with the hand.

I hope this helps you if you are a competitor or if you live on a beach with a lot of crowd. The important thing is knowing how to paddle and know techniques that will make your surf more evolutionary. ALOHA.