Surfing in Colombia is culture, competition and passion. These are the factors that have helped the sport grow in this sector of South America. Few know its origins, the new generations have learned little about the history and birth of this sport that every day forms new figures that manage to project themselves globally and that inject adrenaline into the Colombian beaches.

We are part of the second generation and want to highlight the brief history and emergence of Colombian surfing.

Let’s start with the names or surnames of those who are references in the formation of what today is this sport in their lives, and for this we will go back to the 90’s. Let’s start with the Álvarez brothers, Juancho and Lucho, Jairo Echeverri, the famous Kiko, Alex Boreli, Sergio Navarro, the Venezuelans, among others, were the first people we saw in our lives running a wave.

It all began in the 70’s, when the revolution of this sport in the United States caused admiration among people, regardless of gender, social class, religion, skin color; in other words, this was the beginning of what is now an expanding culture in the country.

According to its pioneers the meeting points were theHotel Pradomar, where you could surf in three points, El Paredón, El Bolsillo and at the Hotel’s beachfront.¨We ran alone, there was no crowd, we were 5 or 6 privileged people running from El Paredón past the Pocket’s wave and when the swell was good connecting with the beach on the side of the Pradomar Hotel, they were straight with great shape and route and left your legs shaking¨, say the Álvarez brothers who were the locals of the area, because their family are the owners of Hotel Pradomar.

The pier was the most radical point, the waves hit the right side of the pier, they even had days where the waves were so big that they saw a cascade of water falling from the top of it, and it was a powerful and giant left with a wide course. What a pity it no longer exists!

We are fortunate, we had the privilege of surfing with these legends and surfing pioneers in the country, where it all began in the Colombian Caribbean.

We apologize to the people not mentioned here, the memories were good and everlasting,but time fades some names away and important data that we would like to highlight. We are the second generation, where all of this began to grow and develop, let us not forget these names that are references of our sport and surf culture and a legacy for you who surf now trying to grow on these waves in our country. This is the story, let’s pass it along from generation to generation. You are part of it!

Thanks to all these legends, wherever they are in the world, thank you for teaching us to live by this passion, thank you for teaching us to surf.