The relationship in a surf trip

All surfers have thought of leaving the country to find new beaches, experiences, and have fun either in our country or outside. Today I will refer to a feeling that makes us reflect and investigate more where is our perfect surf trip and I am not talking about the super spots. I speak of quiet places where you can enjoy the sea with the company of who you want to take on this adventure.

Let’s start with the experience, every surfer who respects himself seeks to improve his level of surfing, the experience is independent and different for each individual, not only because of the level of surfing that he currently has but because he is the companion. Yes, we have all thought many times of leaving our love at home to burn in the sun surfing until we can’t stand it no more. This causes some annoyed feelings from the person who does not understand the surfing spirit, which triggers a serious problem and even breaks in the relationship.

For this I give you some tips that can help make your experience better and more bearable if you travel with your partner.

  1. Look for places where it’s not just sand and waves, there are places interested in the couples of surfers and they offer you an infinite number of activities that will let you surf calmly for a good couple of hours, remember that your partner is on this trip with you so you should also think that this companion always goes with you everywhere and deserves your attention.
  2. Plan the best hours where the peaks are more constant, remember that surfing is selective and in some peaks the tides and swells are part of the real fun, do not try to stay alone all day on the beach, in the end your partner can have a crisis and ruin your exit to rest or worse get another person who is in the same situation of loneliness and you know.
  3. Try fun places near the point. Fun with a partner is also important and I assure you that well-balanced fun of hours and your partner will not think about leaving you. In the end this is a very selfish sport, and anyone can bore of selfishness surfing.
  4. If your partner is a surfer, you are in the right place, there is nothing better than enjoying the waves with your partner, they are unique experiences that are shared and that make you closer in every way in the relationship, surfing is a great sport, this is the best way to surf with your twin surf soul.

This is something basic that I’ve learned from experience, we surfers need our space to enjoy the waves, but remember that it is only the feeling of surfing that is selfish, do not allow to get to the point that you choose between surfing or your partner. Also respect the waves, no garbage in the sea, protect the beaches and their inhabitants. Think about what I just shared and put it into practice and maybe there’s still time to save many things. ALOHA.